The trouble is how to live

Lilith by Kait Mauro

Lilith by Kait Mauro

by Kait Mauro

in a female body in a world where
male is the default, where man is who you are
measured up by, pressed to
grinding against.

The trouble is how to exist in a body
of curved language in a world
of straight lines, how to flow and feel and crawl,
as the body yearns to do.

The trouble is the body’s world—
where my sisters have been
raped by the ones they love.
But it is this world, this same world,
that whispers to us as mother.

The morning songs reach out to my body
with their furled hands, in sisterhood.
We, the women of this house,
gather to discuss what it all means.

The trouble is how to exist as bilingual
without losing your mother tongue,
how to speak your fathers language
without speaking the language of his wars
against your body, the canvas body,
projected onto.

The trouble is the wild zones, which are
also our salvations, the x spaces, the
things we are not supposed to talk about.

Hear me out:
I was once among you,
hating the vessel in which I live.
I found women in the wilderness-
Plath, Olds, Oliver-
and I tell you, I could speak again.

-Kait Mauro is a 21 year old photographer and poet who resides in Western Pennsylvania.
Her work can be seen on