The Curious Sofa

curious sofaNow it’s no secret and it’s certainly not a surprise that i love smut. i can appreciate it on a lot of different levels. from it’s shock value, to feeling quite liberated after a good one-handed-read, smut is truly my favorite genre. add some humor and throw it together with illustrations, and you have yourself ONE.GOOD.BOOK.

The Curious Sofa is one not to be missed. Written by the fabulously brilliant Edward Gorey (publishing under an anagram pen name “Ogdred Weary,”) this clever little book lets us take a little peek in on the suggestive and scandalous adventures of the naughty lady of the house, Alice. Oh! what the neighbors must think as she entertains multiple gentlemen callers, several obliging women, a friendly married couple; both with a wooden legs and even the maid! *gasp!*

but there is more to this tale than the upstanding socialite Alice “entertaining” other members of the upper crust, oh my gracious, no! this is a story about a sofa. a rather extraordinary and sinister sofa. baring all, but leaving everything to the reader’s dirtybirdie imaginations, this cast of saucy characters are in for quite a strange surprise caused by this bizarre piece of furniture.

whimsical, dark and smutty! what else can one such as me ask for? pick up a copy! you’ll thank me.

-*Miss Theresa*