Untitled Nudes pt 2.

untitled nude by Cassandra Speicher

untitled nude by Cassandra Speicher

untitled nude by Cassandra Speicher

more UNTITLED NUDES by Cassandra- https://theresawordwhore.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/untitled-nudes-2/

Cassandra Speicher believes that all must and will be sacrificed for art.
She needs no sympathy or apologies for her past. She creates now and for the moment.
Don’t just stare, seek her out flavors.me/cassandraspeicher
Find her at Coffee Buddha in Pittsburgh.

Bad artists copy. Good artists steal. -Pablo Picasso



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Ok, so yes, we mean “pussy” in THE ACTUAL feline sense, but there’s plenty of other action still going on, so don’t be too upset and dont click on the links somewhere you’ll get busted- there is plenty of nudity and adult-type stuffs to raise some eyebrows at work.

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I’m sure we could have used more cat puns, but I’m sure by now you are already clicking the pictures and your mouses….

So enjoy!

Love Letter

by Kait Mauro

Sleeping in the Forest by Kait Mauro

Sleeping in the Forest by Kait Mauro

This is for you.

The universe conspires on your behalf. You are here because you are wanted and needed.

You are the entire universe manifested in blood bone and beating breath. You are terrifying and beautiful. You are wild. You are affection embodied, and the earth delights with you. It offers itself to your imagination, calls to you by your many names, tugs at the hem of your sweater. And you have survived everything

so far. Though you are only one in seven billion, your hunger and fear and delight are not insignificant. You are the alto moan of July thunderstorms, you are the hedonistic beckoning of the forests, the Cascade mountains, you are the slick dangerous dance of the sea, the tamed bones, the laced cartilage. Has there ever been a more human phrase than, “I want you to know?”

I want you to know that you are savage wonder, childish delight. You are joyful and sexual and being and it is alright to live. You are the wise and infinite redwoods. You are raspberries crushed in the hand and confusion and discontent and sleepless nights and you are loved. And, no matter what they said, despite what you’ve needed to hear and were not told, it was not your fault.

Learn to cup your palms together to hold the grief lightly because the furled leaves of the trees are offering, to you, their invitations. My body, too, hungers for simpler spaces and lighter ways. I, too, crave more human contact, answers, questions. Doesn’t the soul shiver nicely?

Your body was meant to heal and to take it and it has. I can only guess that the soul was made just as slippery and giving. Remember that we like you. Remember that you are wanted here and that, like ivy, we grow where there is room for us.

-Kait Mauro is a 21 year old photographer and poet who resides in Western Pennsylvania.
Her work can be seen on kaitmauro.com.

The trouble is how to live

Lilith by Kait Mauro

Lilith by Kait Mauro

by Kait Mauro

in a female body in a world where
male is the default, where man is who you are
measured up by, pressed to
grinding against.

The trouble is how to exist in a body
of curved language in a world
of straight lines, how to flow and feel and crawl,
as the body yearns to do.

The trouble is the body’s world—
where my sisters have been
raped by the ones they love.
But it is this world, this same world,
that whispers to us as mother.

The morning songs reach out to my body
with their furled hands, in sisterhood.
We, the women of this house,
gather to discuss what it all means.

The trouble is how to exist as bilingual
without losing your mother tongue,
how to speak your fathers language
without speaking the language of his wars
against your body, the canvas body,
projected onto.

The trouble is the wild zones, which are
also our salvations, the x spaces, the
things we are not supposed to talk about.

Hear me out:
I was once among you,
hating the vessel in which I live.
I found women in the wilderness-
Plath, Olds, Oliver-
and I tell you, I could speak again.

-Kait Mauro is a 21 year old photographer and poet who resides in Western Pennsylvania.
Her work can be seen on kaitmauro.com