We put out, new updates, (of course), each and EVERY WEDNESDAY.

 fueled by submissions from amateur writers and artists in the GLBTQ community, we encourage you to share short stories, prose, articles, smut and art with us. 

~we only accept original, unpublished material that focuses and highlights adult GLBTQ themes and alternative lifestyles.

1. send one story or article at a time (500-2000 words are ideal,) and which category you feel best suits it- please check for examples- “smut“, “grit“, “lit“, or “wit.”
~please include your submission in the body of the email. (other types will not be accepted as we may be unable to open it and to prevent viruses)
2. subject line: title of your work
3. bracket italics or other text with special formatting in asterisks.

~PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT ONE photo image of your artwork AT A TIME. multiple photos will immediately be rejected. one image at a time, please.

send to
~no HTML links or web addresses are allowed within stories.
~you may publish under a pen name, but please include your real name and age along with your submission.
~you MUST verify that you are at least 18 years of age when submitting.

~no simultaneous submissions, don’t be tacky.
~at this time, yummyrotica does not compensate authors or artists, but hope to in the future.
~you retain complete ownership of your submission, you are simply granting us the right to post your story on yummyrotica.

~we will contact you via email to let you know if your story has been accepted or pending acceptance following revision.
yummyrotica WILL NOT accept stories or art involving sexual activity with animals or children. any submissions will be rejected immediately.

~we reserve the right to reject submissions at our discretion without justification and this is not meant to censor, but to maintain higher quality content.