Untitled Nudes pt 2.

untitled nude by Cassandra Speicher

untitled nude by Cassandra Speicher

untitled nude by Cassandra Speicher

more UNTITLED NUDES by Cassandra- https://theresawordwhore.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/untitled-nudes-2/

Cassandra Speicher believes that all must and will be sacrificed for art.
She needs no sympathy or apologies for her past. She creates now and for the moment.
Don’t just stare, seek her out flavors.me/cassandraspeicher
Find her at Coffee Buddha in Pittsburgh.

Bad artists copy. Good artists steal. -Pablo Picasso



You want pussy?  Because we got it!  Come and get it!

Ok, so yes, we mean “pussy” in THE ACTUAL feline sense, but there’s plenty of other action still going on, so don’t be too upset and dont click on the links somewhere you’ll get busted- there is plenty of nudity and adult-type stuffs to raise some eyebrows at work.

Take a peek—

and while yer at it- check out-http://www.littlegrayguy.com/pages/index.htm

I’m sure we could have used more cat puns, but I’m sure by now you are already clicking the pictures and your mouses….

So enjoy!