my headboard.

by Brenna Campbell

she took to fucking me, her arms bracing her up. i always loved the way her shoulders powerfully moved, showing me that she could keep control of both our bodies as she fucked me senseless. she moved on me and moved on me as she watched my fingers, two of them now rubbing my hard clit. all was lost as i built up my rhythm and it combined with hers. making sweet love in fairytale land was done. she was fucking me now and fucking me hard. the bed was moving under us, and the sound of the headboard striking the wall always made me hornier. it indicated that fun and games and playing was over…. i was being fucked and i was going to be fucked until i came. she watched my fingers circle my clit, although she seemed to be having trouble focusing as she was lost in the insistent burning in her own cunt.

she fucked me, and the headboards banged out our fucking. fuck, fuck, fuck. bang, bang, bang. my cunt clenched, clenched clenched. and the toy hit that spot over and over and over. i watched her watch me and her eyes squeezed shut with every thrust of her. her body was positioned so that every thrust of her moved her pussy onto my body, causing her to gasp every time our bodies hit. the headboard clunked out our passion and the banging got faster and harder. her pussy struck my body making her move the toy faster in my cunt. she twisted and plunged it in and out, until all i could feel was pleasure wasnt sure if it was in or out.
i had reached that point on the hill where i was ready to come, wanted to come and i knew she was there too. it was all fucking now. hard and fast. all pleasure. all fucking. all all all. her body moved, her pussy struck, the vibrator stretched my cunt, the toy hit, my fingers stroked, my clit buzzed, my mouth bit, her luscious breasts moved over my face, my tongue rolled on her nipples. we yelled out. “OH FUCK OH FUCK OH MY FUCK!”
“oh oh OHH!”
The headboard banged and banged and banged and she kept on fucking me
she kept on fucking me
her pussy collided onto my body
my pussy was stretched
my clit was so hard
i was ready
she was ready
the headboard hit faster
my whole mouth was at her breast, rolling my tongue over her nipple
the headboard hit harder and harder
her body fucked
my body fucked
my fingers rubbed over and over the spot
my clit throbbed and felt her body hit onto mine
i screamed out
my head tilted back on the pillow
her mouth went to my nipple and
her body moved hard
my clit was hard
her clit rubbed hard
her body swallowed my body swallowed her clit my clit to her body moved the bed moved the headboard struck
her mouth never left my body
my mouth found her body time stopped and it happened
we came together
in a fountain of explosive fireworks of ice and passion and lust and her body and my body and we came together and the room smelled of fucking and the candles flickered and my cunt clenched and the toy stayed in my cunt and her cunt clenched and the butterflies started circling my clit was pulsing and pulsing and the headboard stopped and i was moist and flowing and my cunt felt, just felt like i had come and exploded and i wanted to lick her pussy and feel her move her fingers in and out and the vibrator moved out as my fingers stopped and her tongue licked my nipple and her body stopped and i moved my hand to her ass and squeezed fingers that were juicy and sticky from my cum and her cum was on me and it was good.
we breathed together
hard and fast
but slowing
slowly, together.
she fell onto me, her shoulders winning the good battle of my body and her body and the headboard and the wall.