by *Miss Theresa*

It is also helpful to realize that this very body that we have, that’s sitting right here right now…
with its aches and its pleasures…
is exactly what we need to be fully human, fully awake, fully alive.
-Pema Chodron

they sat on the porch together, in silence, leaves rustling all around.
she focused on a leaf that fell from one of the tallest trees in front of them, and watched as it fell slowly, gracefully to the ground.

the trees were the richest of reds and the color of juicy pears. she took her then, right there in the daylight. sun streamed through her hair making her squint as she focused on a place on her luscious neck. freckles and fine blonde hair. wispy winds blew across their ears as a delicious warm patch of saliva and sweat appeared at the base of her lover’s neck. her breasts were quickly freed with a jerk of her shirt over her head. the sun played across those breasts as more winds gusted about, dimpling and puckering her playfully soft and supple skin.

leaves gusted about, crackling and whooshing about their feet, trying to get a glimpse of their lovemaking, trying to become part of their delicious autumn memories. she wished then for an apple, moist and crunchy, to feed to the one she cherished. to tempt her, to tease her aching lips, to lure her to close her eyes, offering a bite but then kissing her mouth instead. but with no apple, her lips, soft as the sunshine beating down on their necks, would be her temptation, her treat; a delicious reward for the something they shared.

“it has never been like this with anyone before. i know this sounds cliche, whatever. think what you want, but i mean it. this is new.”

i did not think that i could ever be satisfied by just one.
all of the girls that i had been with until her- always left me wanting more. feeling forever still unsatisfied… wanting more than anything to come with someone; it just never was there. with other lovers i might as well have just gotten myself off for as nothing as our lovemaking was.

my first impression of her as she went down on me was that she indeed knew what she was doing and i would have done anything for her not to stop. ever.
she was not out to impress me, or get me off as quickly as possible, or do anything more than what she was doing… she definitely enjoyed it and seemed content lapping my cunt all night.

the first time we screwed was actually our first night together and it was veryvery hot because we were strangers and we were drunk and we were horny from dancing…..
we were making out fabulously, her always trying to control me through my mouth- taking control with her tongue, with her lips always just slightly more forceful than mine- always an erotic struggle- a dangerous but easily fun-filling game to play.

there was not as much kissing of my breasts or neck or throat like i was used to.. but to be honest, i was more focused on getting her tongue in my pussy. she touched my crotch and started manipulating me skillfully and effortlessly- seeming to enjoy her vantage point from down below as i squirmed and moaned. i was already close to coming and i started to grow disappointed that our first time would be her just fingerfucking me. i was getting closer to coming when she just stopped….

just stopped…. and i let out a whimper of disappointment… and she said mercilessly, “sucks, dont it” and laughed. i agreed, but it was obvious that she had an agenda- one that i was willing to accomodate. i would have done anything at that moment for her to tongue my slit. i felt what she could do with her fingers and knew her tongue would have much more to say to my shuddering body. i came twice and i remember her resting her mouth on my thigh- highly erotic- pornstar type stuff- looking up at me, kissing me still, flicking her tongue over my moist wet folds. and in the most fucking seductive voice i have ever heard, “You want more?”

i was riding the ripples of coming down and i did not want to ruin it. i fell blissfully asleep- but only after she kissed me hard on the mouth- slightly sucking the breath from me.


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