by *Miss Theresa*

picked up the scarf you wore this weekend.
common plaid pattern, all greens and blues.
a new favorite of mine.
it doesn’t look nearly as good on me as it does you.
placing it near my face, i feel the fabric and inhale YOU.

the scent of you causes such lust.
makes me want to touch you everywhere.

i want to lick everywhere.
push myself on you.
make you feel the urges that i do.
i want to fuck you anywhere you’ll have me.
i feel no shame for this.
this is how you make me feel.
no shame for this.

i walk in on you.
watch you.
fucking yourself.
there is no shame.

i let out a moan
a sigh
sighs from both of us. you reach for me and i walk to you.
i was spent from touching myself earlier, but my clit still buzzed,
wanting more.
you turn me on so completely
want to never stop fucking you.
feel no shame for this.

i could watch you forever.
lost in you
losing myself in you for forever.
fucking you, no shame.
being you

and it was-
and it was-
and we just fuck
and our love is here
and we never stop
and i feel as if you can take no more.
and you seem to want no more

needing it all
wanting it all to stop
but i wont.
i want you to come and i should not feel bad because i wanted to fuck you still
your breathing so ragged, so jagged
your hips bucking insistently
my breath into you
my mouth touching your fingers working your sex
and finally
explosions into you
explosions from you
it is everything.
but shameful.