by *Miss Theresa*

wanting to consume you.
i want you to feel me feeling you.
the intense heat that radiates from all points-

i want to taste you.
i hunger for all that is you.
i want it as i want you.

my fingers move over your body as you glow,
warm in the moonlight, the candlelight, the light that radiates from you-

i bite your nipple and fear that it’s too much
tho wanting to bite harder-

i wish to hear you
i hear your breath becoming shorter and
i press into you-

i want you to call out my name
i want words to escape those delicious lips
i want those lips to part my lips to
lick my clit to suck my sex

your fingers to my mouth and i suck you-
enjoying you
and all of you.
anything you give me.

those fingers fuck me in all of the ways that i want you to
in all of the ways that you do.
in the ways that only you know how to.
the way that i want no other to.

fuck me.
just keep fucking me.
i get lost in you.
with you

i have never felt this way before
-not so hot for-
-not so fucked by-
-not so in love with-

not anyone